Alice Cicolini

Candy Kimono Pendant Necklace



Candy Kimono Pendant Necklace
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  • Candy Kimono Pendant Necklace
  • Candy Kimono Pendant Necklace
This Alice Cicolini necklace explores the Japanese tradition of containing pattern within circular forms. A curved bar of 14K yellow gold is fixed with a cool-toned composition of lapis, purple jade and coral stones. At the center is a 14K yellow gold ball hand-painted with a surface of orange and red lacquer. The pendant connects to two lengths of 14K yellow gold to create a necklace with playful sophistication.

total length : 14" : 14K yellow gold
pendant : 5/8" x 1"
tanzanite, purple jade, lapis, coral : 3mm to 5.5mm diameter each 
14K yellow gold and red lacquer bead : 1/4" diameter 
14K yellow gold : 5g
14K yellow gold 's' clasp closure 

total length : 14" : 14K yellow gold
pendant : 5/8" x 1"
tanzanite, purple jade, lapis, coral : 3mm to 5.5mm diameter each 
14K yellow gold and red lacquer bead : 1/4" diameter 
14K yellow gold : 5g
14K yellow gold 's' clasp closure 

London - Inspired by the sacred architecture and patterns of the Silk Route, the hand-made jewelry collection of Alice Cicolini is created in India by one of the last Jaipuri meenakari. Using ancient Persian enamel techniques and traditions, the stunning, meticulously crafted collection exudes a extraordinary, artful style. Alice Cicolini's far-reaching talents include publishing books on British Dandyism, acting as curator and creative commissioner and researching for Central St. Martins where she remains closely involved with Indian craft and design.