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Tanzanite Charm for Loquet



Tanzanite Charm for Loquet
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  • Tanzanite Charm for Loquet
  • Tanzanite Charm for Loquet

Add this tanzanite gem to your custom Loquet London pendant to represent a December birthday, harmony, or to help calm your mind if you feel overworked. This stone is also believed to help bring your life back into balance.

tanzanite : 5mm x 3mm

* sold separately as an addition to any Loquet London pendant *

 tanzanite : 5mm x 3mm

London - Loquet London hails from England and is the luxury brand created by Sheherazade Goldsmith with Laura Bailey. Along with goldsmith Michael Ventura, they have created a truly modern interpretation of the traditional keepsake locket. Each gold framed crystal 'Loquet' is designed to open and be personalized with collectable charms and birthstones. From a lucky horseshoe, a gold initial, a September sapphire or a diamond studded shooting star, each 'Loquet' is a unique and bespoke gift, a love letter coded in charms. Classic from a distance, original and curious close-up, a 'Loquet' is an eye-catching talking-point. A flash of colour, a spark of gold, a desert-island memory, a child's birthstone. We carry our stories close to our hearts.