Maria Rudman

Silver Bead and Pewter Leather Cuff



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Silver Bead and Pewter Leather Cuff
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  • Silver Bead and Pewter Leather Cuff
  • Silver Bead and Pewter Leather Cuff

An intricate and hand-embroidered braid of pewter incorporates shiny sterling silver beads into its design across the surface of the coffee brown leather. This bracelet looks better the longer you wear it (but don't wear it in water!) - either alone or as part of a layered bracelet collection.

total length : 7"
width : 3/8"
fastens with naturally shed reindeer antler button


FRANCE - Maria Rudman - former model, TV presenter, fashion stylist and photographer - grew up by a lake in Sweden in a house filled with handicrafts made by the Sami, the original inhabitants of northern Scandinavia.

After many years of research and close collaboration with both Samis and other indigenous craftspeople, Maria Rudman has created a collection of intricately made bracelets using braided and embroidered pewter on leather and fastened by shed reindeer antler buttons. These bracelets become only more beautiful with age and have an avid collector base.